Change Agent

Who in organizations is responsible for managing planned change activities?

The answer is Change Agents.

The term change agents is used in broad sense because a change agent  can be managers or non-managers, employees of organization or an outside consultants.

Terms such as OD Consultant, OD practitioner and Change Agent are used interchangeably. For major change efforts, top managers are increasingly turning to temporary outside consultants with specialized knowledge in theory and methods of change.

Change agents can broadly be classified as:

1. External Chnage Agents

2. Internal Change Agents

3. External-Internal Change Agents

External Change Agents

These are outside consultants who are temporary employed in the  organization to remain engaged only for the duration of the change process.

Internal Change Agents

These are individuals working for the organization who know something about its problems and has experience of improving situation in the same organization. These Internal Change Agents, when assigned a reposibility of intervening in a system come from entierly different department or division of their organization.

External-Internal Change Agents

These are the individuals or small group within the organization designated to serve with the external change agent so that intervention could be implemented effectively with their help.


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